The UK’s Protected Foods


The UK has an international reputation for producing some of the world’s finest foods.¬†Many of these are now recognised and protected under international law through the European Union’s Protected Food Name Scheme.¬† This protects how the food is produced or in the case of finished products, the recipe (TSG). For a number of foods it also protects where the food is grown or produced (PGI). For some foods it even protects where the ingredients must come from (PDO).

The UK Protected Food Names Association represents these unique foods.
Contact: Matthew O’Callaghan Chairman 01664 565419

The following are Protected Food Names
Map of protected food names in the UK

Anglesey Sea Salt/Halen Mon (PDO)
Arbroath Smokies (PGI)
Armagh Bramley Apples (PGI)
Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese (PDO)
Bonchester Cheese (PDO)
Buxton Blue Cheese (PDO)
Cornish Clotted Cream (PDO)
Cornish Pasty (PGI)
Cornish Sardines (PGI)
Dorset Blue Cheese (PGI)
Dovedale Cheese (PDO)
East Kent Goldings Hops (PDO)
Exmoor Blue Cheese (PGI)
Fal Oysters (PDO)
Fenland Celery (PGI)
Gloucestershire Cider (PGI)
Gloucestershire Perry (PGI)
Herefordshire Cider (PGI)
Herefordshire Perry (PGI)
Isle Of Man Manx Loaghtan Lamb (PDO)
Isle Of Man Queenies (PDO)
Jersey Royal Potatoes (PDO)
Kentish Ale (PGI)
Kentish Strong Ale (PGI)
Lakeland Herdwick Meat (PDO)
Lough Neagh Eels (PGI)
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie (PGI)
New Season Comber Potatoes/Comber Earlies (PGI)
Newmarket Sausage (PGI)
Orkney Beef (PDO)
Orkney Lamb (PDO)
Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar (PGI)
Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes/Pembrokeshire Earlies (PGI)
Rutland Bitter (PGI)
Scotch Beef (PGI)
Scotch Lamb (PGI)
Scottish Farmed Salmon (PGI)
Scottish Wild Salmon (PGI)
Shetland Lamb (PDO)
Single Gloucester (PDO)
Staffordshire Cheese (PDO)
Stilton Blue Cheese (PDO)
Stilton White Cheese (PDO)
Stornoway Black Pudding (PGI)
Swaledale Cheese (PDO)
Swaledale Ewes Cheese (PDO)
Teviotdale Cheese (PGI)
Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop Cheese (PGI)
Traditional Bramley Apple Pie Filling (TSG)
Traditional Cumberland Sausage (PGI)
Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey (TSG)
Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish (PGI)
Traditionally Farmed Gloucestershire Old Spots Pork (TSG)
Welsh Beef (PGI)
Welsh Lamb (PGI)
West Country Beef (PGI)
West Country Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese (PDO)
West Country Lamb (PGI)
Whitstable Oysters (PGI)
Worcestershire Cider (PGI)
Worcestershire Perry (PGI)
Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb (PDO)
Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese (PGI)

English Wine (PDO)
English Regional Wine (PGI)
Welsh Regional Wine (PGI)
Welsh Wine (PDO)

TSG Traditional Speciality Guaranteed = Recipe or method of production protected
PGI Protected Geographical Indication = Recipe or method of production protected and must be carried out within a designated geographical area
PDO Protected Designation of Origin = as above plus the ingredients must come from within the designated geographical area